Culture & Archiving

Culture & Archiving


Ensure Afrikan-Canadian communities have ongoing access to contemporary and historical research that documents and reflects their exemplary contributions to Canadian life.

Provide leadership in the cultural and intellectual life of Toronto through a range of on-going initiatives

Make available and house a high quality archive of written, pictorial and audio-visual of grassroots community achievements and struggle

Facilitate an integrated, multi-functional approach to archiving by partnering with community based organizations.


Provide coordination and institutional space as a living, dynamic repository and resource for culture, community life and work

Importance/relevance of preserving and advancing our culture through programming and Archiving

Preserves important historical material – especially material capturing the revolutionary spirit and achievements of Afrikan people

A valuable cultural tool for resistance, advocacy and capacity building

An empowering educational tool

Provides important research and investigation into the cultural life of the community

Increases community awareness about the “now-ness” of history

Reinforces strong, positive communal values and worldview

Valuable source of data to counteract negative, stereotypical portrayals of Afrikan people

Provides data and resources that promotes balanced view of Afrikan Canadian communities

Proposed Activities

The following forms of material can be archived:

  1. Storytelling, Spoken Word and other artistic and cultural expressions
  2. Training and reasoning circles on:

  3. The economics and business of cultural production
  4. Using Culture as a weapon of struggle
  5. Protection and promotion of ownership of the cultural legacy, assets and resources of Afrikan people
  6. Interviews and documentation of the achievements and life struggles of working class people as historical testament to the enduring Afrikan Life
  7. Pictorial images and displays
  8. Audio-visual materials
  9. Historical projects and research
  10. Electronic Archival library and Portal