Capacity Building

Capacity Building

Tabono Institute’s capacity building agenda’s objective is to provide strategic and practical training and support in the Afrikan-Canadian community.

This program targets Afrikan-Canadians who are senior staff at community-based agencies, professionals and entrepreneurs, members of the academic community, students and youth activists, parents, and professionals working in the areas of child welfare and the justice system.


Areas of Focus

Tabono Institute’s capacity building activities will focus on:

  1. Leadership development training
  2. Liberation development circles for youth
  3. Rites of Passage training for youth, parents and students
  4. Professional development
  5. Africentric research & training
  6. Community development and capacity building
  7. Strategic planning and organizational development for Afrikan agencies
  8. Ujaama - Collective/cooperative economics
  9. Anti-oppression/anti-racism capacity building with mainstream agencies.