What Is Tabono?

Tabono is an incorporated non- profit, community based research, public policy, archiving and capacity building Institute committed to supporting the priorities of the Afrikan* community in Canada and internationally.

Why is Tabono Necessary?


Based on available research and lived experience, Afrikans are still at substantially greater risk of health problems, poverty, systemic and individual discrimination and racism, disproportionately high rates of criminalization and violence, labor market exclusion, environmental risks, and the list goes on. The Afrikan community continues to display traditional attributes of resilience, self-reliance, resourcefulness and creativity in dealing with many of these challenges.

Much of the knowledge and capital already exists within the community to address these challenging circumstances. By drawing on community resources to respond to these issues Tabono Institute is developing an enhanced , coordinated, and coherent community-based research and public policy agenda as well as supporting increased coordination and planning with respect to community training and capacity building priorities.

Is this not a duplication of existing community services?

No. Tabono is committed to working with other initiatives, programs and agencies in the Afrikan community and elsewhere to advance the community’s agenda without overlap or duplication of efforts. This is the first institute of its kind in the Afrikan community in Toronto.

How will Tabono programs actually work?

Here are a couple of examples. First, Tabono will work towards addressing capacity building gaps by intensive training related to programming, evaluation and standards for working effectively with Afrikan youth. Additionally we will offer comprehensive, Afrikan centred Rites of Passage training to those delivering Rites work to young people.

The second example is in the area of research. We have started to develop a research data portal with exciting published and unpublished works by Afrikan scholars and students that others will be able to access to support a variety of projects- funding, programming, advocacy, advanced research, etc. As well, we will be applying for grants to address research needs and gaps in our community, related to areas like health, education, economic development, children and youth welfare or criminal justice.

Who can be involved in Tabono?

Any member of the Afrikan community who is committed to supporting our values and work and has a specific skill or emerging skill to offer.

How can one get involved in Tabono?

Contact us through our email info@tabonoinstitute.com, our list serve (Tabonolist.com), or our Blog.